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With a vision in 2017 to CREATE a true-to-life cooking & crafting experience, virtuoso & culture connoisseur ChristiRenee launched SipSizzleStitch - a creative, CONSCIOUS space for real people who desire to learn & share PRACTICAL skills in the kitchen, around the home, and beyond. From meal prep and DIY crafts to UPCYCLING home goods and reusable art in an effort to save the planet - all without breaking the bank, the goal of SipSizzleStitch is to provide UNIQUE learning and social experiences that keep us productive, efficient, and creative. More than that, SipSizzleStitch is UNLIMITED in the services we provide. From custom gifts and products to event tasks and photography, we can be COMMISSIONED to fulfill various needs in a range of creativity. 


The HEART of our brand swells for feeding those who are simply hungry. Our outreach initiative is a COMPASSION project that provides healthy, fresh meals to the homeless in the heart of the city as well as survival necessities they desperately need (i.e. masks, gloves, sanitizers, socks, snacks, etc.).

Our unique personal care product line, CLEAN, is now available. Get a care box containing: (1) CLEAN Hands Gel, (1) CLEAN Hands Spray, (1) CLEAN Phone Spray, (1) CLEAN Linen/Room Spray, and (1) CLEAN Sleep Spray - plus a FREE gift. Each care box is only $40.00 and 10% of each sale benefits our effort to feed and equip our severly HOMELESS population. 


During the height of the pandemic, we remained completely virtual in an effort to be safe and protected. Currently, WE BACK OUTSIDE and serving up in-person opportunities. Subscribe to our site and all our social media platforms today for custom content, updates, and invitations. Let's get busy learning and sharing the goodness of being creatively, environmentally and culturally conscious together! #sipsizzlestitch

New Products!

Our journals are here and ready to be part of your personal growth journey! We call it The Write Life.

Simplicity is the first of many journals, notebooks, and learning resources to come from author - and our founder - Christian Renee Williams. The second release is Planning to Plan the Plans, a journal for the Proficient Procrastinator. 

These beautiful books are also available on Amazon, but if you order on our site you'll receive a special FREE GIFT to accompany your journal experience. 

Check out our promo video for more information. 

Simplicity COVER_edited.jpg

The Write Life!


74 pages



Words to Inspire Your

Personal Journey to Joy


SipSizzleStitch Experiences

Let's Eat, Drink & Create Together!

Classes & Experiences

Real Learning in Real Time | Special Occasions & More

As we begin to ease back into public gatherings, SipSizzleStitch is excited to finally launch our in-person cooking & crafting sessions! Subscribe to our site to stay up-to-date on our upcoming experiences. Contact us directly if you'd like to schedule something sooner.

For those who choose to remain socially distanced, you can schedule your own virtual cooking & crafting experiences that are still fun, interactive, and practical. You can stay connected and host a brunch or dinner party - or any special occasion - with family & friends - virtually! We handle all the planning so you and your guests can just show up equipped, ready to create and enjoy a unique experience!

Always Creating | Always Open

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