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This one-of-a-kind, handmade CareBox is filled with 5 items made for clean living. All sanitizing products are made with 99.9% strength Isopropyl Alcohol. 

Enjoy the following staples:

(1) CLEAN Hands Sanitizing Spray  - custom-scented hand sanitizer spray

(1) CLEAN Hands Sanitizing Gel; custom-scented

(1) CLEAN Hands Sanitizing Foaming Soap; custom-scented

(1) CLEAN Linen/Room Spray; custom-scented and aah-mazing!

(1) CLEAN Body/Foot soak; scented bath salts mixed with dried teas and flowers - ahh decompress!

BONUS: Each CareBox always comes with a free gift!

**Some items may vary; but you will always get a minimum of five (5) amazing products.

The best part: 20% of each CareBox sale goes directly to our outreach initiative to help serve our homeless citizens. You can provide one person in need with a healthy, satisfying meal and supplies prepared with love from your support.

Subscribe to our REFILL plan to save money and our planet. Return your containers for refills at a discounted rate and free shipping.

Your support means the world to those who still matter.

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