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Why “SipSizzleStitch”?

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I love to cook and I love to craft... oh and I love to sip! I love each of these elements equally and I really love making them as practical as possible. So there you have it!

Me with one of my favorite things: CLEAN Spray

Do cooking shows entertain or intimidate you?

I love watching a good cooking show on a lazy Saturday morning or afternoon... But even for me, some of these shows can be a bit overwhelming. One: they move too fast. Two: I don’t understand all the lingo. And three: I don’t have half the stuff they have in there fridge let alone the cabinets and drawers! So, I’ve always wanted to show others what you can do with very little knowledge and even no-so-perfect resources to create homemade masterpieces. I may not have the fanciest skillet or French-something ingredient, but I bet you I can whip up a whole meal with what I’ve got and bless your entire soul.

But Crafting Though... FAV!

Now the thing that gets me really going is crafting. And not just any kind of crafts: UPCYCLING! I believe wholeheartedly that our planet is hurting and filling up with all the stuff we toss out too carelessly. Upcycling is the art of creative reuse: turning “trash” into treasure. Tin cans, glass jars, plastic bottles, cereal boxes, plastic grocery bags, clothing & linens, and so much more - all these items can be upcycled for new uses or just made into beautiful art. I love making wearable art from aluminum cans. Or turning an old t-shirt into yarn or a pillow case. And my whole family knows not to throw away any empty canned good or sauce jar! Those are my favorites.

I look forward to sharing so much with so many and doing what we can to sustain our planet, our communities, and our homes. Be sure to subscribe today. Let’s get creative!

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