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Hey SSS Family! It is my hope that everyone is making their way through 2021 and ready for a new adventure in 2022. This year has been unique, to say the least; many of us who survived all the various challenges should be grateful that we lived to tell about it. Professionally, SipSizzleStitch saw some highs and some lows - but we are still here. The vision remains steadfast and stronger than ever. Personally, I have managed to simply value time on this earth and do as much as I can to learn, grow, and help others.

I am so excited to announce a new element to our website (finally) as we move into a new year soon. Over the last year and a half, I have purchased so many cool products to make so many cool things - from foods to home and self-care products - that I am more than happy to share with our favorite folk: you. Each week, I'll promote a favorite item for you to check out and maybe snag for yourself.

While I will continue to make new, cool things - for both home and body - that you are most welcome to purchase from me, I look forward to sharing my ideas about all the different items I use to make such greatness and make them available for you as well.

So, stay tuned for new highlights each week. Also, be sure to check us out on all our social media platforms. We've got so many amazing things available for this holiday season and we also look forward to crafting something unique just for your gift-giving needs. Until then, continue to stay safe, take care of yourself and each other. XO

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