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The Story

SipSizzleStitch is the dream of owner/creator, ChristiRenee... Since childhood, cooking and crafting (and even cleaning - I once said I wanted to be a maid; true story) have been desirable hobbies that have since become a successful endeavor. Whether it's turning tin cans into bathroom caddies or preparing custom meals for a special occasion, ChristiRenee continues to grow her skills and expand her business repetoire in the DFW area and beyond.

“I believe cooking should be easy for everyone - and fun. Wine - or whatever you’re drinking - definitely makes things fun… I come from an ancestral lineage of resourcefullness - hence my crafting abilities. So, I also believe I can help save the planet by up cycling things we so easily discard. My goal is to share what I’ve learned and my ideas with others like me. And there are others!”

- ChristiRenee, SipSizzleStitch Creator

Ultimately, the SipSizzleStitch vision includes a warehouse-style space that provides for cooking and crafting experiences, a custom boutique, and a community garden. Efforts to attain these goals will begin in the fall of 2021. Join our mission to change the world through care and creativity. Subscribe today!

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